Citizenship Action Cultural Center

Across the street from the Valongo Wharf memorial, you can visit this 19th century warehouse engineered by one of Rio de Janeiro's towering Afro-Brazilian heroes.

This construction was the first warehouse built for the Pedro II Docks Company, an infrastructure modernizing project by André Pinto Rebouças, in 1870. Rebouças was Brazil's first Civil Engineer and was responsible for modernizing sanitation in Rio de Janeiro, as well as the ports of several of Brazil's major cities.

Today, this building serves as the Cultural Center for Citizenship Action, an NGO founded by famed sociologist "Betinho". The social project takes on a number of different issues around their main activity of ending hunger. Also housed in this historic site is UniCorre, which provides education and support for local entrepreneurs launching small businesses in the community.

The space is also used for large events, expos, parties, and film and video production, generally promoting Black culture, community, and well-being.



Av. Barão de Tefé, 75 - Saúde Rio de Janeiro CEP 20220-460 ~ The gates are usually open during normal business hours, however, due to set-up for special events, sometimes it is not possible to enter just to have a look around.