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Afro-Brazilian Women

Get to know some of the most illustrious African and Afro-Brazilian women who have impacted national history while continuing to inspire us today. These images and biographies are on display at the IPN - The Research Institute and New Blacks Memorial here in Rio.

Àwon Ìrun Ìmólè

This sculpture exhibition was shown at the New Blacks Contemporary Art Gallery (Galeria Pretos Novos de Arte Contemporânea) in July 2018

Reading Art: Picturing Colonial Rio de Janeiro

In 1816, artist Jean-Baptiste Debret (1768-1848) traveled from Paris to Rio de Janeiro at the invitation of King D. João VI as part of the French Artistic Mission. Debret, along with other European artists of the project, created a visual record of colonial Rio de Janeiro. His work dating from 1816-1831 is considered to be one of the most prolific records of slavery in Brazil.

The Liquid Archive: Mapping Kongo/N'golan Cosmology in Colonial Rio de Janeiro

The following exhibit is based on a presentation given by Sadakne Baroudi, as the keynote speaker, at The Spatial 18th Century: Rethinking Urban Networks and Maps, 1650-1850 on 04 November 2021.